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HDMI video adapter Pre-Order Round #2


  • Image of HDMI video adapter Pre-Order Round #2
  • Image of HDMI video adapter Pre-Order Round #2

Tired of the green wavy lines and poor video you tend to get with the other adapters? you dont have to worry about that here, our adapter has no such issue!

Pre orders are expected to ship as they are assembled... planned for before the end of November

This is an external video adapter for the original xbox. It converts the component video of the xbox to HDMI.

An integrated Wolfson Microelectronics S/PDIF audio conversion chip allows the Digital Audio to be passed over HDMI, including surround sound.

The 20cm cable provides individual shielding on each channel to provide the highest signal quality possible.

No soldering, no assembly, simply plug it in and enjoy your Xbox with full HD and digital audio. ( an internal install option will be available in the near future)

-supports component to HDMI conversion at all supported xbox video resolutions

-Wolfson Audio IC to convert S/PDIF signal for the HDMI transmitter

-Individually shielded video signals

There are a few basic ways to take advantage of the digital audio

1)Direct decoding when passed through an HDMI receiver

2)Optical pass through from your TV to you receiver

3) it can also pass the stereo audio to play directly on your TV