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USB RetroPad Adapter


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Developed by Bruno Freitas

the USB RetroPad allows you to connect classic 80s and 90s controllers to PC, or xbox. (Most controllers require an adapter to DB-9)

These controllers are supported:

:. Sega Genesis (Mega Drive), Sega Master System and Atari 2600 controllers

:. NES controller (adapter needed)

:. SNES controller (adapter needed)

:. Nintendo 64 controller (adapter needed)

:. PS/PS2 controller (adapter needed)

:. Game Cube controller (adapter needed)

:. Neo Geo CD controller (adapter needed)

:. Sega Saturn Digital controller (adapter needed)

:. TurboGrafx 16 controller (adapter needed)

Arcade controls support
USB RetroPad Adapter also comes with handy screw terminal connectors, allowing you to hook up a homemade arcade control to it and and use it to play your favorite games on your PC or PS3!

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