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  • Image of Xerc2
  • Image of Xerc2

Ever wanted to turn your xbox on with just a normal IR remote? The Xerc2 (orignally designed by Sickmods) is a hardware mod for the OG Xbox that can do just that.

The XERC 2 is a hardware mod for the OG Xbox that allows you to turn on the Xbox with a remote control.

Features of the XERC 2

Supports short and long power button press (lets you to "quick choose" bios with for example X3 and Aladdin)
Supports DVD-Eject press
Supports SmartXX-OS press (simulates the sequence needed to be pressed to enter SmartXX-OS)
Fully customizable buttons on the fly! That means that you can easily change which buttons on your remote perform which functions and disable the functions that you are not interested in, without opening your Xbox back up
Supports RCA, SONY (SIRC 12/15/20-bit) and Philips (RC-5 and RC-6 (Mode0 and XBOX 360)) remotes
Safe power off the Xbox; No risk for turning the xbox off by accident
Discrete power off
Works with both 3.3V and 5V supply voltage (all XBOX versions)
Built in fader for the eject ring
Fully customizable open source code